Considering painting your home’s exterior soon? Check the exterior of your home before you even consider it. It is best to postpone repainting if it is too dirty and have it cleaned instead. Prior to painting the exterior of your house, pressure washing is essential. At Nashville Soft Wash Pros, a pressure washing company in Nashville, TN, we have put together a complete guide as to why you should pressure wash before painting a home. 

Why Pressure Washing Is Important Before Painting Your House

Does a house need to be cleaned before painting? Simply put, yes. Simply put, a clean home will result in exterior paint that lasts longer and has fewer problems over time. Don’t let a dirty exterior fool you; paint will adhere just fine there. However, painting over a discolored exterior will almost certainly reduce the paint’s lifespan. For this reason, pressure washing is recommended before painting.

Given how expensive and time-consuming exterior house painting is, you should make sure to complete the job correctly the first time. It is also well worth your time, money, and effort to clean the exterior of your home because it may increase the paint’s lifespan by twofold. Paint can last seven to ten years, or even longer, on the exterior of your home when it has been properly cleaned.

Before Painting Your Home It is Important to Learn How to Pressure Wash a Home

Prior to painting, the exterior of the house must be thoroughly clean. Even if the outside of your house seems clean, you should still thoroughly inspect it because things aren’t always what they seem. It’s always safer to wash it before painting, and pressure washing houses is one way to do this. This is unquestionably the best approach you can take to cleaning the outside of your home. You can either pressure wash a house yourself or hire someone else to do it for you after learning how to do it.

Should You Hire a Profesional Pressure Washing Company in Nashville? 

Any homeowner or amateur pressure washer can now purchase a personal pressure washer. Anyone can use a pressure washer on their home thanks to how simple it is to get one. And although it’s unquestionably a choice, it’s not the best one. The following are some typical problems that can result from DIY pressure washing before painting:


The exterior of your home is easily damaged if the incorrect cleaning product, pressure level, or nozzle is used. Additionally, you run the risk of accidentally pressure washing a surface that isn’t resistant to it.
Injury. No joke, pressure washers. They can be hazardous, and even the smallest error in distance calculation could send you to the hospital with critical wounds.
Added expenses You’ll have to pay more for repairs if you cause damage.
You must allow your home to completely dry before painting it after pressure washing. The length of this waiting period can range from 24 hours to 3 days.

Pressure Washing is Not for Beginners

High water pressure can easily damage the exterior of your home if you lack experience. Underneath the siding, in addition to the sheathing, are the wall cavities. It is best to contact a reputable service provider for assistance if you want to pressure wash a house before painting.

Professionals are skilled at pressure washing homes and preparing them for painting. They have years of expertise and are skilled at adapting their techniques to the surface material. They also have the best tools at their disposal, including machines with a range of nozzles and machines with adjustable pressure levels. Ultimately, hiring a qualified service provider to complete the task is a safer and more affordable option.

Hand Washing Versus Pressure Washing

If you have the time and energy to thoroughly and manually clean your home, it might be effective. Handwashing with soap, brushes, and water will produce the best results.

Unfortunately, washing a house’s entire exterior by hand takes a lot of time. Instead of hand washing, consider pressure washing if you lack the motivation.

A good pressure washer will do the job well and require less of your time. Simply put, the typical homeowner will find this method to be simpler and more useful. Additionally, it’s a good choice for anyone preparing their house for a fresh coat of exterior paint. It’s best to hire a professional to handle the job for you even though you can purchase a pressure washer for personal use.

What About Power Washing Your Home before Painting?

Perhaps you’ve heard of power washing and are wondering how it differs from pressure washing. In actuality, pressure washing and power washing are very similar. They accomplish the same goal and employ the same procedure. Power washing uses heated water, whereas pressure washing does not, and that is really the only distinction. When used to clean house exteriors before painting, pressure washing and power washing both produce comparable results.

Important Safety Reminders Before Pressure Washing Your Home

It should be obvious by now that pressure washing is necessary before painting the exterior of your home. It is advised that you ask a professional for assistance. However, there are some things you should be aware of if you insist on doing things yourself (which professionals already know of). Due to the following risks, exercise caution when pressure washing the exterior of your house:

1. Don’t remove paint with pressure washers
Prior to painting, you should pressure wash the exterior of your house to clean it, not to remove the paint. Although the majority of pressure washers are powerful enough to remove paint, doing so is not advised.

After pressure washing is complete, for best results, separate old paint with a scraper, heat gun, or sander. Using it to remove the paint can also easily damage the surface underneath, particularly wood and vinyl surfaces.

2. Watch out for etching
Although concrete and brick are sturdy, using pressure washers on them increases the chance of etching. Nevertheless, the harm it might do to vinyl and cedar is much worse.

Keep a safe distance from your home when spraying to prevent etching; you don’t want to crack or chip your surfaces. Depending on the PSI levels of your machine, position yourself at least 2 to 6 feet away. Choose a fan spray nozzle instead of a stream nozzle, which can damage your siding, to be extra cautious.

3. Avoid Adding Water
Angled spraying is equally crucial. Avoid using a pressure washer upward at a low angle because doing so could cause water to be injected into the siding boards. This could soak through your interior walls’ insulation and sheathing, causing long-term water damage. Be sure to spray slightly downward or at a right angle. To prevent getting water into vents, doors, windows, and other openings, be mindful of your surroundings as well.

Reinforcing the Importance Of Why You Should Pressure Wash Before Painting a House

There is no denying the advantages of pressure washing your house before painting it. It simultaneously extends the lifespan of the paint that has been brushed over the exterior surface. However, you also need to think about the hands that will be using the pressure washer. While you can certainly achieve mediocre results on your own, nothing compares to hiring a professional pressure washing company to complete the job faster, more affordably, and more efficiently.