You can expect to increase your cleaning performance by 50 percent and halving your cleaning time. Serves a good cause for the same cleaning needs as the red nozzle if you want a lower chance of damage. However, you can safely use this nozzle to remove contamination from your paint without worrying about paint damage or more fragile trim. The rotating nozzle is sold as an accessory for Mi-T-M pressure washers.

If you purchased or rented a pressure washer, you may have noticed that it came with several nozzles or spray tips of different colors.

What tip do you use to pressure wash a car?

Make sure you choose one that is formulated for pressure washers and dilute it naturally according to the instructions. The most significant difference between a garden hose and a pressure washer is the pressure and flow. But which pressure washer nozzle is safe for the car? In short, the safest high-pressure washer nozzle for a car wash is the white head nozzle. Just rinse your car with water to remove dirt, mud, and salt that sticks to your beloved four-wheeler.

Do not go under a 25-degree nozzle. Surfaces such as parking lots and concrete pavements require a ten- to 15-degree nozzle for heavy-duty cleaning.