What actually removes the black gum from your sidewalks is the heat that is applied. Commercial pressure cleaning is the most effective way to remove rubber from any concrete surface. Due to the acid content in the saliva of the gums, as well as the chemical composition of the chewing gum, if left on the porous concrete, it can etch the concrete surface, making it more fragile and vulnerable to the environment. The most important advice when removing glued chewing gum from a concrete surface is to use heat.

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How to remove old chewing gum from concrete?

Ugly black spots that can be found all over sidewalks are the remains of the gums that were once thrown away. When you put immense pressure on concrete, old gum residues disappear, but surface etching can also occur. Residue that has been sitting for some time is likely to be easily absorbed into the concrete surface, meaning scraping off the gum probably won’t work. Occasionally, a spot remains around the gums, which is a telltale sign that the gum has been on the floor for a long time.